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Here you will find all relevant articles published about DCI and Devugees, the name of our program when we started in 2016.

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September 2021
What are the benefits of IT bootcamps?

Delivery Hero
DCI & Delivery Hero launch Tech Academy with diverse cohort for a more representative tech industry

August 2021
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Article about Web Development bootcamps.

May 2021
DCI and Delivery Hero exclusive partnership to promote Diversity by Teaching Coding.

July 2020
Buonasera Düsseldorf
Luigia Pirrello and Dominik Baedorf from the DCI in a radio interview with Buonasera Düsseldorf.

March 2020
DCI switched from physical classes to remote teaching within two days in response to the Corona crisis.

March 2020
Deutsche Startups
Interview with one of the founders of DCI, Steffen Zoller, who speaks about his daily routines and what working in a start-up is like.

July 2019
The start-up week Düsseldorf generated an amazing donation of 7.000€ for the Devugee program of DCI.

July 2019
Read about the history and purpose of DCI.

October 2018
Our DCI students visited the InVision headquarter in Düsseldorf. Read about this day from the company’s perspective.

January 2018
International Rescue Committee
Game of Thrones Star Lena Headey wants to raise awareness for refugees. In 2018 she visited DCI to see what is possible.

In the Netflix series ‘Dogs’, the DCI campus in Berlin appears in the second Episode at minute 3:45. In the show a Syrian refugee takes part in DCI’s refugee training program to become a Web Developer.

November 2017
mtc Berlin
Devugees visit the mtc office in Berlin.

September 2017
Kölner Bildungsmesse
Felix talks about the Web Developer training with DCI in an interview at the Kölner Bildungsmesse.

August 2017
Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften
How unconventional refugee projects support integration.

July 2017
Refugees Welcome
Interview with Lisa who was employed with DCI as a career officer.

June 2017
Interviews and stories of our students.

April 2017
Devugees trains refugees to become web programmers. Read about the history and reasons why the program was founded.

March 2017
Ada Editorial
Devugees visit the Ada office in Berlin.

July 2016
The start-up Devugees wants to quickly integrate refugees into the German job market.