About us

The people at the Digital Career Institute are united by a mission: Initially, we supported refugees to get integrated into the digital job market. Today we want to give everyone the opportunity to lay the foundations for a better future and to excel in their new careers! We live openness, tolerance, and success and support our students every step of the way.

With us, you don’t just do an education: You create your new destiny.

Our Mission

We believe: You are constantly learning in life and it’s never too late to start over – regardless of your experience, background or age. Thus our courses can be subsidised 100% with a Bildungsgutschein (education voucher). We also provide our students with the technical equipment and programs – completely free of charge. We support our students every step of the way and support them in their job search.

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Our Values

We stand for equal opportunities, tolerance, and an open world view. Everyone has the potential to make a successful start in the digital industry and to find their dream job. And we help people do just that. We teach our students all the skills they need: in a practical and understandable way, to prepare them in the best possible way for the workplace.

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Our Team

Marius Hein | Managing Director | Berlin

Dr. Steffen Zoller | Managing Director | Berlin

Sophia Postel | Head of Career Success | Berlin

Theresa Anzer | Career Success Manager & Partner Lead South/Central | München

Débora Mavignier | Career Success Manager & Partner Lead West | Düsseldorf

Ivana Mandić | Alumni Managerin | Berlin

Rebecca Walpuski | Career Success Manager & Partner Lead Mid/East | Berlin

Uliana Poloz | Working Student | Berlin

Janina Bessler | Teamlead Key Account Management | Hamburg

Christopher Limberg | Regional Manager | West

Christian Peter | Education Consultants – Regional Manager | Leipzig

Nhung Nguyen | Education Consultant | München

Olivera Puac | Education Consultants | Düsseldorf

Felix Robbin | Education Consultants | Düsseldorf

Susanne Fosh | Head of Marketing | Berlin

Yasmin Menke | Head of Marketing Customer Insights | Hamburg

Lisa-Marie Rösiger | Performance Marketing Manager | Leipzig

Tim Rohde | Social Media & Content Manager | Berlin

Gilles Bernies | CRM Marketing Manager | Düsseldorf

Aija Bane | Graphic Designer | Berlin

Farooq Fazly | Partnership Manager | Hamburg

Pamela Wulff | Performance Marketing Manager | Berlin

Cora Weithase | Local Marketing | Düsseldorf

Philipp Türmer | SEO Manager | Berlin


At DCI, the students and their needs are the focus! We have learned that you can only get the best out of people if you dedicate yourself to them and get to know them. We focus on building a bond with our students, understanding their specific needs and adapting to their learning style.

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Alone you are strong, but together you are even stronger. That’s why we value a close-knit community where people help each other and work together to solve problems. Our students represent a wide variety of backgrounds, which is something we are particularly proud of. We can all learn from each other and encourage each other through our experiences. Not only do our students live this, but so do the faculty and all of our staff.

Our Vision

We want to help everyone find a job and secure a successful future in the digital industry. That’s why we are working to become the leading educational institution for technology and digital skills in Germany!

01 | Impact & Purpose

We shape our society in a sustainable way. We support our students through a strong sense of empathy and teamwork, helping them to flourish in their professional and social development.

02 | Celebration & Passion

Together we celebrate success. We shape our passion and excitement to express our dedication and appreciation.


03 | Individuality & Diversity

We believe in success through diversity. We endeavor to inspire creativity and individuality by continuously developing our professional, personal and social skills.

04 | Focus on Solutions

We think in solutions. We strive for growth and progress with a goal – driven, proactive and pragmatic approach.

05 | Innovation Culture

We break new ground. We express courage, trust and ambition in our freedom to create and our passion for innovation.

Your new future is waiting for you – Ready to get started?

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