Certified AWS Cloud Engineer

Full-time | 12 months

Get up to 4 certificates in one course – you shouldn’t miss this opportunity


Have you always wanted to enter the world of cloud computing? But you always lacked the necessary skills for an AWS intensive course? Then jump on the cloud with us and learn everything about the world of cloud computing in just 12 months. Develop, with your newfound expertise, exciting projects and applications. You’ll be ready to manage the infrastructure, among lot’s of other things.


At the end of your path you will receive the two AWS certificates Practitioner and the Solution Architect exam. If you want even more, you can also take the exams for a Linux & a Terraform certificate. It’s time for something new: Learn for a new Life!

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What exactly is AWS?

The most widely used cloud platform is called Amazon Web Service. With our AWS course, you will be perfectly prepared for this new challenge, and you will learn everything around the roles and responsibilities of an AWS Cloud Engineer . “Cloud Computing” means that IT resources such as storage space, computing power or software are made available via internet when they are needed.

What does an AWS Cloud Engineer earn?

This course has the great advantage that you can pursue many career paths with remote your up to four certificates. The salary of a Junior position is between 50.000 – 65.000 € and offers the perfect basis for the (AWS) Cloud Solution Architect, (AWS) Cloud Consultant, (AWS) Cloud Engineer or (AWS) Cloud Developer inclusive Python.

Application Oriented Curriculum

01 | Dive into the world of Cloud Computing

Learn the benefits and how to work with AWS

02 | Linux and VCS Git

Learn Linux and the basics of programming with Python. Also learn how to use VCS Git* for future products.

03 | Certificate: AWS Cloud Practitioner

Complete your first module after a successful exam with the AWS Cloud Practitioner and be excited about the next module.
*VCS = version control

01 | Deep Dive Cloud Computing

Now we go deeper into the subject: Learn to understand the concepts of Cloud Computing.

02 | Deep Dive Linux & Python

You already know the basics! Now it’s time to expand your knowledge: Linux, networking, security and Python programming are waiting to be discovered and explored in more depth.

03 | Optional Certificate

Get an additional certificate and take the exam to become a Linux Foundation Certified IT Associate. Thus you’ll have basic skills to work with Linux systems and perform tasks such as command line operation, file management and software installation. 

01 | Architectures & Operational Excellence

Here you will learn about advanced cloud topics such as High Availability and Scalability. Additionally you will dive deeper into infrastructure as code (IaC) with Terraform* and CloudFormation*.

02 | Certificate: AWS Solution Architect

Complete the 12-month training with an AWS Solution Architect certificate and optionally take the HashiCorp Terraform Associate exam.
*Both serve to automate the provision of the infrastructure

01 | 24/7 AI Assistant

Our AI Teacher is available to you when important questions arise that need to be answered immediately.

02 | Career Services

Our Career Success Team is always available to help you make a smooth transition into the workforce. You will also receive ideal preparation for your application documents and interviews.

Course Details
& Requirements

01 | Start Date
12.02.2024 (English)
Girl with laptop sitting
02 | Cost
A Bildungsgutschein (aka education voucher) can be used for this course
03 | Requirements
Confident computer user, no prior technical experience is required
Girl with laptop sitting
04 | Duration
12 months – full-time
05 | Location
Everywhere in Germany – courses are online
06 | Language
English – minimum level B2
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Financing Options

If you are unemployed and registered at the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter, all courses can be 100% financed with a Bildungsgutschein (education voucher).

DCI Alumni at Work

What makes the AWS re/Start program at DCI so special is that the course content not only covers the technical aspects needed to become a cloud practitioner. They also teach important skills such as solution-oriented thinking, communication skills, and the ability to analyse topics holistically.

Ahmad al. Almossa System Cloud Engineer

The course gave us more than the exam requires, and much more than just the basics. It was a great foundation for the next certifications and a career in AWS Cloud Computing.

Nikita Kumar AWS DevOps Professional

My childhood dream of becoming a Developer was fulfilled by doing a course at DCI. Today I am backend developer at Blinkist and I couldn’t be happier.

Jose Backend Developer at Blinkist

Your new future awaits you!

Take the first step and apply for our courses! If you are still unsure or have any questions, feel free to contact our Education Consultants: they are always there for you and ready to help – regardless of your location.  

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