Job Coaching for
Digital Careers

12 weeks | up to 40 teaching units

With our Job Coaching for digital careers, we will prepare you to enter the German job market with the focus on the digital industry. Learn how to go into job interviews with self-confidence and stand out from the crowd!

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The Job Coaching for digital careers includes several modules for self-exploration, potential analysis and orientation opportunities. We will explore with you job market opportunities in the digital sector and identify any additional qualifications you may need – so that you get ready for your digital career takeoff!

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During the coaching, you can acquire the most important digital skills or refresh your existing programming knowledge or online marketing skills.

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In addition, you will receive individual job application training if required.

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Our offer is designed around directly addressing your individual needs through a flexible module configuration enabling you to develop your full potential for a digital career.

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Learning Objectives

Get ready to unleash your full potential!
We discover and activate your individual potential for the digital world. Together, we set your goals and help you achieve them. We make you fit for the digital labour market and we show you employment opportunities and digital career paths that fit you. We offer you individual application coaching for digital jobs.

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Key Data & Entry Requirements

01 | Start Date
Individual Entry
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02 | Completion
Participation Certificate
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03 | Duration
12 Weeks,
up to 40 Teaching Units
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04 | Language
English or German –
minimum level B1 certified
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The job coaching can be completely free of charge for you, as it can be financed through the Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein (AVGS). In order to receive funding, certain conditions must be met. Contact us for more information.

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