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"My Experience With The Job Search During Covid-19"

At the beginning of May 2020 I had a Zoom interview for my current internship as an Online Editor at Creative City Berlin. I started it on Monday, the 18 May 2020 and because of Corona I work constantly in the home office.
Although I just began, it feels like I’ve been working there for months because I had no teething problems and my colleagues are very nice and empathic. I’m sure it’s going so well because I’ve applied for a job that I love to do from the bottom of my heart instead of applying for something that does not suit me.

I want to say thank you to all the people that I met during my time at the DCI. It was a very inspiring period in my life and I already used some knowledge from my Online Marketing course during my work.

Finally I want to add that I was not worried about the job search during Covid-19 because I have already mastered other tough challenges in my life. I think the crucial point is to focus on the positive sides of life and look ahead instead of getting bogged down in negative things, even if you get rejected during the application process.

My Experience With The Job Search During Covid-19


PositionIntern Online Editor at Creative City Berlin