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“I want to bring awareness for women in this industry and I also want to use my skills for non profits and social impacts.”

"I was born in Israel and after 14 years I moved to Ukraine. When the war started there I moved again, this time to Germany. While I had finished my Master’s degree in Ukraine, it wasn’t considered valid in Germany. I knew I needed qualifications which is why I joined DCI to get an education in programming. With all the hype around coding, I decided to look at some online courses. In my previous coding school a friend of mine told me that he had done an integration course with DCI. He recommended it and so I got started. I enjoyed the one year programme because you have the time to take everything step by step and you can definitely get a great foundation during a full year. DCI is about practical learning. You have projects to do and you can test your knowledge. Teachers care about their students and take an active interest in their development. In other schools, they often just give materials related to the topic and leave you to it. 

Programming is a single universal language and for someone who has moved country a lot, language is often the first problem you face. Coding offers you an opportunity to be understood and have practical skills no matter where you are. Now, I want to bring awareness for women in this industry and I also want to use my skills for non-profit work and social impact. I want to do something that matters and makes a difference."

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