"If I have an idea in mind, for example for a website or an app, I can just make it happen. DCI gave me the freedom to translate my ideas into something real."

When I came to Berlin in 2015, I had no degree from university, because I couldn’t finish my studies in Damascus. I was always interested in programming. I started a course, where I could learn the basics of programming in about 130 hours. After finishing this course, I improved my German language skills to a B1 level. A friend of mine told me about the “Devugee-program” at DCI. It was the beginning of the program, so I took part in the first course ever. Within the course, which took about nine months, I learned a lot about coding, mainly the basics of each programming language. I was always interested in the web development industry and after my first programming course I started some projects on my own - I built my own website, my flatmates website and apps for friends. I learned really quickly just by doing practical work on my own.

I wanted to become a Programmer, because in this business, you’ll never stop developing. In many other careers, you learn something and just keep on doing it. But in programming, you never stop learning. At university, you learn the basics, and sometimes really obsolete things, like methods that no one uses anymore. It’s often too broad and you don’t learn specifics, just really general programming basics. At the end of university studies, you won’t be able to apply those skills and build something on your own, because you have a theoretical overview, but you not much specific practice.

In the DCI courses, we had a schedule, and we were learning how to actually code and maintain ten different programming languages. We went through every single language in detail, with a lot of exercises. Additionally, our teacher was really good. The way he taught us things topic by topic, was really helpful. He also taught me how to learn by myself, which is really valuable because you need to develop your programming skills continuously. After finishing the course, I am now able to build Web Apps. If I have an idea in mind, for example for a website or an app, I can just make it happen. DCI gave me  the freedom to translate my ideas into something real.

At the end of my course at DCI, I did a three-month internship at sofatutor , a Berlin start-up which was building a learning platform for students. I’m working in the tech department as a Frontend Developer, building new features, working on mobile apps and fixing bugs. When I first met the people at sofa tutor, I instantly liked the company, I enjoyed my work and the atmosphere there. They also liked what I was doing - so they offered me a job as a frontend developer and I’m still working here now! This job is my first work experience and what really motivates me at this company, is that it offers an education. I’m implementing something which is really useful for other people, especially for children.



PositionFront-End Developer at Sofatutor