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Grads get the job done

Employing the right people is difficult, but we see incredible candidates pass through our doors every day. Our graduates have theoretical and practical knowledge from our courses, internship experience and a passion for what they do.

Hiring a DCI grad is hiring someone who has taken the initiative and dedicated their time to this career.  We’re confident that we have a match waiting for you. If you would like to know more then do not hesitate to get in touch.

FAQs about hiring a DCI Grad

Do I have to pay anything if I want to hire a DCI student?

No – we don't charge for the placement of our students. Instead, we take feedback from the hiring company to improve our curriculum and better our processes.

How can I hire a DCI student?

You can contact students directly, with their given contact info or you can get in touch with us at [email protected] From here, we’ll introduce you to our students and you can begin the standard application process. 

How can I meet a selection of students at once?

We frequently organize a variety of different hiring events aimed to bring students and employers together. If you’re curious about attending, just contact us.

What are my options if I'd like to hire a DCI student?

Our students have a 4-week internship placement as part of their course. This internship is financially covered and therefore need not be paid. There is the possibility of providing students to work for longer internships, though this would be negotiated on a case by case. Feel free to inquire further on this topic by emailing. Beside internships, our DCI grads are qualified and often available for full time positions.

Is there an opportunity to receive financial support when I hire a DCI student?

Yes – the Agentur für Arbeit supports the employer financially when they hire a DCI student.  This means the employer is reimbursed 50% of the salary paid for half of the time the student is hired (maximum 12 months for a 24 months contract). For more information please contact us.

What do students learn?

In our one year intensive full-time training we teach students the digital skills that are needed to start their new career. We teach in many ways because people learn in many ways. We use a blended learning approach that includes; project work, networking, internships and self-directed specialization. Beside the teaching programming, we take a hands-on approach – visiting tech companies and building a network of contacts in the process.

How often does DCI have new graduates?

Every 4-8 weeks we have a new class of around 15 students in each of our locations.

Are DCI students fluent in English/German?

Our students come from all over the world and speak a variety of different languages, making each one unique in what they can offer. All of our students have, or have been trained in a working knowledge of both English and German. We predominantly teach in English and the language courses we provide are an integral part of our training. 

Do DCI students have experience in Software Development?

With a practical approach all of our students gain real experience through their training and would, at a minimum, be considered a Junior at any tech company. Our curriculum is built over 14 months in which students are constantly learning and building experience. Many of our students do have prior experience and skills in their field.

How is the curriculum created?

Our curriculum reflects our insights into the world of tech and has been produced in collaboration with key players in the digital industry in Germany. The knowledge and information within is constantly being updated by our Tech-leads and we implement iterative changes when necessary. We’re committed to providing the best learning possible for our students. For more detailed information about our curriculum just email.