Hire A Grad For Your Team

Finding the ideal addition to your team can be a major hurdle. Rest assured our graduates are prepped with a solid curriculum of compelling programs, as well as practical and internship experience. Our network of alumni are ready to take on the challenges of the working world and we're positive we will deliver an excellent and productive match for your company.

Would you like to learn more? Don't hesitate to contact us for further inquiries about onboarding with our students.

Do I have to pay anything if I want to hire a DCI student?

No. We don't charge for the placements of our students. We are more interested in the feedback of the companies where our Alumni work in order to continuously improve what we are doing.

How can I hire a DCI student?

You can either contact our students directly with the given contact information or come back to the DCI-team via graduates@digitalcareerinstitute.org, we will introduce you to our students. We don't charge for the placements, you just get in touch with them and continue with your standard application process.

Is there a possibility to meet multiple students at once?

Sure - we frequently organize Hiring Events, Speed-Dating, Meet-Ups in any kind of form. If you are interested in attending, just contact us via graduates@digitalcareerinstitute.org.

Which options do I have when I'd like to hire a DCI student?

Our students have the possibility to do a 4 weeks internship which is part of the course and covered by the voucher, so it must not be paid. Moreover there are different options to do longer internships as well. For more information about this please contact us via graduates@digitalcareerinstitute.org. Beside the internships our graduates are always available for full time positions.

Are there any options to get financial support when I hire a DCI student?

Yes, the Agentur für Arbeit can support you financially. In this case you'll get back 50% of the salary you're paying for half of the time the person gets hired (maximum 12 months for a 24 months contract). For more information please contact us via graduates@digitalcareerinstitute.org, we'll be happy to support you here.

How do the courses look like?

In our one year intensive full-time training we teach the skills needed to start a new career. Our learning method: the use of modern media, blended learning, project work, networking and at the end of the course each participant has the option to do an internship as part of the course. Beside teaching programming, we are visiting digital companies to provide insights into the industry and their future jobs and help building networks.

How often does DCI have new graduates?

Every 4-8 weeks we have a new class of around 15 people in each of our locations who graduate and are then ready to start working in the tech-industry.

Are DCI students fluent in English/German?

Our Alumni come from all over the world and speak different languages. Nevertheless they either already have working knowledge of the language or gain it over the period of the course with us. We mainly teach in english and additionally offer language courses at DCI to ensure everyone reaches the same level in both of the languages.

Do DCI students have experience in Software Development?

Our students come from all walks of life thus bringing some sort of previous experience either in the field they are currently learning or what they have already done. We at DCI also make sure that our students gain enough practical experience during the course to be able to work as a junior in any tech company, we achieve that by building projects during our 11 month course.

How is the curriculum created?

What we're teaching is mainly discussed by our tech-leads who have deep insights into the industry and are uptodate about changes in technologies. They also keep the curriculum updated and implement changes if necessary. For detailed information about our current curriculums please contact the DCI-team via graduates@digitalcareerinstitute.org.