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Whether you are looking for digital marketing services for a startup that needs to establish itself in the market or have a small business in need of a digital marketing agency or a marketing consultant to boost its promotional efforts, you can take advantage of our institute’s online marketing educational program and apply as a partner.

In our courses, students receive a solid online marketing theoretical foundation, and once they master it, they work on practical digital marketing tasks serving our partner companies. The goal is to have a win-win situation that brings our partners value in terms of marketing support and helps the students in their learning journey.

Free marketing services for your company!


80+ companies joined so far!


Your main benefits as a partner company

For one year, one of our online marketing intensive classes will be working together with your company under the direct supervision and management of our marketing experts and marketing consultants from the teaching team, the students will learn how to:

  • offer your business marketing input, recommendations, and growth ideas (like a marketing consultancy) or
  • create and hands-on implement marketing initiatives for you (like an agency)

Plus, by joining us, you can gain access to a pool of talented and motivated individuals for your future hiring needs.

How does this work?

For the duration of the Online Marketing course, you will accompany the class as their practice partner. As the students learn about different marketing topics, they can assist your company’s growth in the respective marketing areas.


In a nutshell, the goal is to have a win-win situation that brings you value in terms of marketing input, ideas, and execution, and supports the students in their learning process by having a hands-on business context where they implement the marketing knowledge gained in class.


The Online Marketing learning curriculum is structured into 8 modules that cover different marketing topics and tactics. As the students learn about the different marketing topics, they get equipped and qualified to support your company with tailored marketing solutions and advice.


Each module is taught by a marketing matter expert. They (or their Assistant Teachers) reach out every module to agree with you on meeting times, so you can meet the class and receive their marketing input. With every module, students learn theoretical aspects, do practical exercises in class, and after they cover all the notions necessary, they work in groups on practical exercises focused on your company.

Which type of digital marketing support does your company get?

As an AZAV-certified German educational institution, the DCI offers further training in the digital field, educating and qualifying students for entry-level positions in Online Marketing.

We work based on the fixed schedule of a certified learning curriculum that incorporates the latest technologies and trends in the marketing field. The curriculum has a fixed schedule during the year, and as students learn about different marketing tools, strategies, and channels, they are supporting your company on marketing topics like:

  • Market analysis
  • Branding
  • Website optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

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