Donnerstag, 28/06/2018
19:00 - 21:00

sofatutor Office
Grünberger Str. 54, 10245

Facebook’s React has changed the way we think about web application development. It has become the framework developers say they most want to work with, according to stackoverflow’s annual developer survey. The unique selling point of React is its versatility; it can be used for building user interfaces, isomorphic applications and native mobile apps. But how to get started with React?

At the Digital Career Institute we teach people how to become a web developer in 12 months. Part of this journey is dealing with the React framework. From our experience, we would like to talk about the best online resources which will pave a way into the fantastic world of UI development with React.


19:00-19:40 “Introduction to React”

In the first part of our meetup, we will introduce you to the core essentials of React. You will learn about props and state and the difference between class components and functional components. We will also discover the JSX syntax and by the end of the talk you will be able to render your first site using React components.

19:40-20:00 “My Experience Learning React”

DCI Student Ignacio Merino Arnaiz will share his experiences learning React.

DCI student
20:00-20:30 ” How we teach React”

DCI Lecture Dominik Hanke will give us insights into teaching React.
Drinks are on us 🙂