In October 2017, Devugees Digital Career Institute moved to a new location in Lichtenberg, Berlin. This was the time for the staff and all the current generations to get together and celebrate also the first anniversary of Devugees. So the team arranged a gorgeous housewarming party with inspiring speeches, music and lots of pizza!

Since I am a new student to the 2017-2018 cohort, this event was a perfect welcome and celebratory party. It served as a good way to get to know people, hear about prior experiences and become motivated for what’s in store for me and my fellow peers.


Steffen Zoller, one of the four founders of Devugees, gave a very motivating and warm welcome speech. He expressed his vision and reasons as to why web development has a very promising future in the labor market. The main reason was mainly regarding the open-ended possible fields in which web developers can display their skills.

Thereafter Dominik , one of the programming teachers, shared with all of us some of the students’ projects. It was awesome to see the websites that they have created during the one year course only using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


We also got to know the group reps who have the mission to communicate general students’ needs and requests to the staff.


Finally, because there is no party without good music, drinks, and food, we had all kind of pizzas that you can imagine. It was also the time to share our experiences at Devugees.

I really enjoyed talking with other students, sharing not only what we have learned but also the challenges and motivations for doing it. I had a nice time with these great people.


Nabeel Sultan
Web Development Student


Einblicke in das Leben beim DCI

Folgt Nabeel, einem unserer Studenten des Jahreskurses während dieses Videos, um einen Einblick in das tägliche Leben bei Devugees – Digital Career Institute aus nächster Nähe zu erhalten. Dazu haben wir ihn einen ganzen Tag lang begleitet. Überzeugt euch davon selbst während dieses Kurzfilms!