Web Development Student

Daniela is one of our best students and an important part of the student community here at DCI campus. Just recently she landed a job as a Junior Front-End Engineer at streaming provider Loots here in Berlin. Let’s listen to what she told us during this interview! 


Can you introduce yourself and tell us where you come from and what you did before coming to DCI?

I was born in Israel and after 14 years i moved to Ukraine.Then the war started there and I moved to Germany.While being in Ukraine I finished my Master`s degree, but unfortunately it is not valid here. I decided to further my qualification which is why I joined a school in berlin to get programming related education. I was in the school for one semester.


How did you get into coding?

Due to the hype about coding, I looked into some online courses and then realised that if someone can do it , I can too.


How did you learn about DCI and what caught your interest in becoming part of it?

In my previous coding school a friend of mine told me about DCI. He did an integration course with DCI. I was searching a school and he recommended me to DCI.I like the one year programme at DCI because you can get much more knowledge in this time. You have time to take everything step by step.You can definitely get more solid knowledge during a full year.


What does the programme do different than a normal university?

DCI is much more practical.You have more projects to do and you can test your knowledge.You can practice theory. Teachers are very caring about us. In other schools,they give materials related to study and nothing else and then it is your problem to do the work by yourself.


Why you choose IT industry?

I like the IT industry as it is flexible. Programming is universal and in one language. If a person is moving to a foreign country then he is facing a problem related to the language.


What motivates you?

I am very excited about what i type, what i can see on screens and the results constantly motivate me. My father said that the IT-industry is not for me but I proved that I can do it.


When i say technology,what comes in your mind?

Technology is everything in the universe and it starts from a mobile phone and it ends with unlimited thoughts.


What do you like in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to do coding. It is my hobby.


How do you evaluate success?

In my opinion, success is when you go for something, you don’t need to necessarily succeed. Just trying it out and experiencing personal development is a success. Of course, success is a great motivator!


What will be your IT contributions in future?

I want to bring awareness for women in this industry and i also want to use my skills for non profits or social impacts.I want to do actually something that matters.


How can DCI improve its services in your view points?

DCI must improve itself in organizational skills. I used to see the website after 2 weeks after enrolled in DCI.


How did you learn about DCI?

I attended an event and i got an idea from facebook about that event. I did not find any curriculum related to my interest. It is exciting to choose this career.


On a scale 1-5, how you rank yourself in technical aspect?

On a scale between 0-5 I rank myself as 4 I read a lot of articles  about IT and what is happening around.


Do you have any message for people who want to get into coding but are anxious as it looks so complicated?

My message to newcomers is that you need to go for it. Everything is just like trying and taking the risks. So go ahead, it is not that scary!


Nabeel Sultan
Web Development Student

Nabeel is our student in the One Year Web Development course, we followed him for a day in his course, check out the video to see what a day looks in his life at Devugees – Digital Career Institute.

Hussein Farhad
Web Development Student

My name is Hussein Farhad, I am from Lebanon and I’m 31 years old.

I moved to Berlin to join my wife and child, although now I am with my family, being here is a big challenge for me. I had the impression that everything would look beautiful and that everything would be really well-organised, but after a couple of months I realised it wasn’t that way at all. The first challenged I had to face was learning the language, my wife was a big help for me to overcome that.Despite the fact that I somehow manage to speak the language, I still struggled to find a decent job, after looking for a long time for something interesting, I learned that in Berlin one has really good opportunities in the IT industry, so I started looking for something that could help me get into the IT field, luckily I found out about Devugees which is perfect match for me, because I could start learning something like Web Development that is really very well valued.

Manaf Al Maftah
Web Development Student

My name is Manaf Al Maftah from a small village called Habuba Kabira near to Aleppo-Syria, I’m 30 years old. I graduated in 2011 from Teshreen university faculty of arts and humanities English Literature department. My dream was to get a master degree in English Literature. Unfortunately, the war in Syria was started and there was no way to fulfill my dream. As a hobby, I started to learn to programme when I was 23 years old, and after graduating this hobby turned to be a real job. The scene in Aleppo between 2011-2013 was more or less not that bad as today except we were isolated from the outer world, there were literally no way of commutation means, no telephones, mobile phones or even internet.
The story started when someone bought a satellite Internet “Sky Internet”, so there was a need to build a limited network which provides as much as possible the people with Internet service. Finally, could the families there to communicate with their relatives and get the news of the world. This situation did not last for a long time, ISIS was around and after a while, it was completely “prohibited” to use the Internet.
As the day runs, the pressure started to be more than ever. It was literally impossible for any human to bare those actions of ISIS. So I made my mind to leave my village to start a new life far from the war and the wild actions.
In August 2015 I arrived in Berlin, I waited for about four months to get my residence’ documents. Then I started to attend the language school, after eight months I finished my B2 course. At that time, I was introduced to Devugees. I said, that is exactly what I was looking for! I already have a little experience so it will fit my knowledge needs and expand it. I didn’t have to start from the beginning to start my own future career. Germany has already given me what I need to start over, so one way to return the favor is to find a good job to be able to be able to help the ones, who need to be helped.