Digital Skills Training Programme 

Enabling people to develop the confidence and the skills they need for future employment in a digital economy

The Digital Skills Training Programmes are highly engaging face-to-face events, comprised of a series of workshops, that are designed to help young people build their digital confidence and skills that will help their future careers.

This programme focuses on enabling people to develop the confidence & skills they need to be employable in a digital economy – the same skills that employers across Europe have identified as lacking in the current workforce.

Who is this event for?

  • People who are getting started with their careers and looking to gain an edge
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and people that have an idea for a business
  • People that want to understand how to get started with Facebook’s Ad Manager
  • People who are curious about technology and what it can do for them in 2018

Digital Skills Training Modules

The Digital Skills Training Programme offers trainings in six areas;

Acquire new skills
Personal growth
Come up with your next big idea


Come up with your next big idea and prototype it

Web Presence

Learn how the web works and how to build your own website

Social Marketing

Learn the four step process for success on social media

Cyber Security

Understand the vulnerabilities of the web, and how to protect yourself online

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How does the Event look like? 


Opening ceremony


Innovation Session


Web Presence Session 




Cyber Security Session

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After successful completion of at least 3 sessions, you will get a Digital Certificate directly from Facebook.