Written by Edalí Cárdenas/ Fellow at DCI


Wow! It has been almost one month since we started the first module of the web development course. I can already see it becoming increasingly difficult. Luckily the school provides us with all the basic stuff that we need for learning. We have coffee and fresh fruits every morning, we have a cool, very patient and well-prepared teacher.

Every morning we begin at 9 am. We must be on time, otherwise, we can miss some important new information that we will be using during the day. That is tough, haha, but as I said, we can drink as much coffee as we need to be awake. In addition, all the students were provided with a personal laptop equipped with Ubuntu.

During the first week, we started getting familiar with the command line interface Terminal and the development platform GitHUb. These tools are elemental to the developers’ work. Of course, we started from the most basic terms such as protocol, address, root, path and topics as for example who invented the internet. I was super surprised: “The internet was invented by someone? Why did I never ask myself who invented the internet??”

We got into the basics of HTML as well. Inline and block elements, attributes, links, images, etcetera. Once we were familiar with all of that, we also started learning CSS. Rules: Selector, properties, values, and so on.


Photo by Edali, February, 2018


Honestly, sometimes I find myself kind of lost. And this is only the beginning, the easy part!

However, I believe that this is completely okay, because when we learn anything new, it is necessary to repeat it several times and do some practice.

There have been moments when I had the feeling that everything was explained very fast and I needed more time to understand it. Nevertheless, we are repeating again and again the concepts.

The teacher is doing it really well. The flow of the course is so dynamic. The teacher brings new concepts and their definitions, then he shows us a couple of examples, and right after that we do exercises. And in case we do not have it fixed in our minds, we repeat all once more. Furthermore, the next day we start recapitulating everything again.


The WebUp class, very focused on exercises. Photo by Edali, February, 2018


I realize how important it is to do the exercises and homework. Sometimes, they help us to find what we do not see clearly. Sometimes, we realize that it is not so complicated and we can actually do it! In the end, by doing the exercises we are completing the process of capturing better all the new concepts.

The best thing is to see that in only a few weeks I am already able to build a simple but pretty website. I could create my personal page with my hobbies and interests. I am so excited to see what comes next!!!