Written by Edalí Cárdenas/ Fellow at DCI

Last Wednesday evening, my colleague Enmanuel and I attended the informative session to write this report about what you will hear there. Here is what we learned at the event!

 Photo by Enmanuel Cruz, January 2018


Interview with DCI staff Laura & Lisa


Who are the founders?

Four people: Angelo Juric, Adiba Salloum, Steffen Zoller and Stephan Bayer who all are already engaged in different projects in Berlin with a common vein: a tech-driven spirit willing to support people to start a career as a developer.


What are the goals of DCI/ Devugees?

They have a network within the startup scene in Berlin and are willing to support the process of integration for refugees in the German society. Therefore, the web development course aims for the goal that as soon as the students graduate, they get a job as a developer. 


How is the structure of the course?

Nine months of full-time learning at the campus. Devugees provides every student with a laptop and the fundamental elements of their learning process. As a student, you will learn from scratch HTML, CSS, Java Script. Furthermore, the course also includes modules to learn React, SCRUM and Project Management which are very relevant when you work in the web development field.


Do you need to have a developer’s profile?

It does not matter whether you have a background in tech or not, but it is essential that you are a curious and motivated person who is passionate about learning and trying out new tech frameworks and tools to transform ideas into a new project.


What is it like to take the course at Devugees?

The environment is so relaxed. The students at Devugees are very committed to learn something new every day and apply it to the coding exercises. Furthermore, we are supported by the great team of Devugees, who are all the time willing to answer our requests and questions to facilitate our learning experience. In addition, the teachers are well qualified and you will meet a very international group of students.


How to can I apply?

You should come to one of the informative sessions where you will get a better idea of what DCI/ Devugees is all about, the benefits of taking the web development course and the requirements to start as soon as possible.

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Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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