AWS re/Start Program

Full Time | 3 Months

Become a certified Amazon Web Services cloud practitioner!

Grab one of the many open positions in a rapidly growing industry. With us you will become a true cloud computing specialist!

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What is it all about?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most widely used cloud platform. It includes more than 175 services that offer rich functionality and are powered by data centers located all over the world. This course helps you build sought-after skills in AWS Cloud Services.

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Application Oriented Curriculum

We follow the application-oriented curriculum created by Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start. Upon completion of the course, our graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in cloud applications – numerous AWS customers and partners are waiting for you!

01 | Cloud Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of cloud technologies and their key components, including: computing, storage, networking, security and databases.

02 | AWS Core Services

Use hands-on projects to learn all about AWS core services: from theory through implementation of detailed operational processes.

01 | Cloud Practitioner Assessment

During the last week, participants will have the opportunity to prepare for the certification exam to become an official “AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner”.

01 | Employability and Event Sessions

Throughout the course, participants will learn to think critically, plan and implement multi-stage projects, and manage team dynamics and professional communication.

Career & Benefits

At DCI, we don’t just teach you how to write code. We offer you valuable support in your individual career development and enable you to enter the tech community – our greatest wish is to lead you to success!


AWS re/Start program

12 weeks of exclusive access to AWS learning material for you to learn IT and cloud fundamentals to launch your career.

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Career Services

Our Career Success team is always there to help guide you to make a smooth transition into the workforce. From application & CV workshops, to assisting with your job search, and much more.

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Career Workshops

We will help you to improve your online presence as well as to build a specific resume so that you will stand out.

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Mentoring and Coaching

Feeling demotivated, hit a roadblock and don’t know whether to continue? Our counselors and team of experts are always there to help you overcome obstacles.

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Course Details
& Requirements

01 | Start Date
Every 3 months
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02 | Cost
A Bildungsgutschein (aka education voucher) can be used for this course
03 | Requirements
Technical degree/vocational training and several years of experience
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04 | Duration
3 months
05 | Location
Everywhere in Germany – courses are online
06 | Language
English – minimum level B2
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Financing Options

If you are unemployed and registered at the Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter, all courses can be 100% financed with a Bildungsgutschein (education voucher). 


If you pay your own way, you can either do so yourself or get a loan with CHANCEN eG. They cover your entire course fee and you don’t start paying it back until you complete the course and find a stable job.

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DCI Alumni at Work

I used to work in Gastronomy and as a Taxi driver so it was very exciting for me to learn everything from scratch to become a full-stack developer. The DCI has completely changed my life in a very good and bright way.

Sandeep K. Web Developer at bokonet GmbH

I studied Sociology, then Agricultural studies, but I left both universities. I guess now I just found the best combination of social, technical, and meaningful job ever. I would encourage all women out there to learn Web Development. This whole tech industry urgently needs the social spirit of women.

Adrienn T. Accessibility & Usability Expert at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

My childhood dream of becoming a Developer was fulfilled by doing a course at DCI. Today I am backend developer at Blinkist and I couldn’t be happier.

Jose Backend Developer at Blinkist

Your new future is waiting for you – Ready to get started?

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If you are still unsure or have any questions, feel free to contact our Education Consultants: they are always there for you and ready to help – regardless of your location.

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